The QRP Links: Ham Radio Low-Power Building and Operating from Dave K7DAA

Last updated: July 20, 2017

QRP Radio Clubs and Organizations (note that a number offer kits)

Four States QRP Club's super-detailed list of QRP clubs

Four States QRP Club

Flying Pigs QRP Club, International

The QRP Amateur Radio Club International is one that I consider as a "must join" due to their high-quality quarterly magazine.

Northern California QRP Club used to have some great kits, but some key individuals passed on. Looks like they have some new leadership, I hope.

FISTS of North America is not a QRP club, but one dedicated to the promotion of CW operating world-wide, and I'm a member.

QRP Kits and Gear of all Types for Sale

Flying Pigs QRP Club, International

Four States QRP Club also offer kit builders to help you get your gear on the air sells small parts, a few kits, crystals, and some interesting modules and Pacific Antennas has some super QRP kits as well as the PAC-12, my favorite mini-vertical antenna

Elecraft makes my K2 and KX-1, both top-of-the-line QRP transceivers, as well as the very nice KX3, K3, KX-2, and K1. I also have and love their T1 QRP autotuner. A combo of kits and fully-assembled radios and accessories, I hear good things about these Chinese imports

MFJ International has a very good line of $99 single-band CW QRP radios called "Cubs". Do a search for "QRP" and see all the other QRP gear they have

Ten Tec International is one of the CW-only and QRP pioneers with their famous line of 5 watt Argonaut transceivers. I've owned two Argonauts and a Century You can buy some great CW keys, as well as the fine OHR radios and the WM-2 QRP wattmeter. I will never part with my WM-2!

HF is a great place to buy and build a 40-50 watt amp for your QRP radio. $199 for the previous generation amp is an excellent buy!

QRP Labs Kits

LNR Precision carries the Steve Weber Mountain Topper super-tiny and light transceivers as well as the Par EndFedZ 1/2 wave antennas and portable magnetic loops.

Helps for Learning or Increasing your CW Speed

Learn CW OnLine

The ARRL's CW Learning Resources How to Learn CW (and practice software)

Morse Runner Software simulates using CW during a contest--guaranteed to increase your speed as you lose your hair!

CW Decoding Software for On-Air Use

FLDigi software is my favorite digital and CW encoding and decoding software. Easy to set up and use

Ham Radio Deluxe is not cheap, but includes lots of functions, including DM-780, really good CW and Digital communications software

CW Get and CW Type and lots of great instructions on how to use these two programs

Internet Resources--How Far Did my Puny Signal Reach?

The Reverse Beacon Network is a worldwide group of ham receivers running CW Skimmers, and can report hearing your CQ sent in CW

To Do: Add Links to PSK reporter, CW Skimmer, DXMaps, other "last heard" web resources